Hong Kong Animal Adoption Centre (HKAAC) was established in 2006 by Founder Ms Chan Tung-Yiu Samantha and Mr. Samson Luk.  A three-storey old town house at Shan Tsuen of Wang Toi Shan in Yuen Long became our first shelter of those pity animals that were injured and abandoned.  We lived together with them in this little house to ensure this is a place to provide them the peace of mind to enhance their recovery process both physically and psychologically.

HKAAC is committed to find a new family for all those that were fortunately rescued by us.  However in reality, it is impossible for every one rescued to a chance for adoption with a new family.  Therefore, we continuously working very hard to modify and maintain the environment and facilities of our shelter, creating a comfortable family atmosphere for those that are waiting for their opportunities until they finally found a new home.
In 2008, we were taking care of almost a hundred fury friends and needed to source for a location which is more appropriate for them.  We were very fortunate to successfully signed a rental contract for a place in Tuen Mun Wo Ping San Tsuen which has 5000 square feet of usable area.  As a result of the improvement, all of them have sufficient space to run around,  having a normal social life by making friends with other occupants and said goodbye to loneliness.   Every one of them in HKAAC has the care and attention equivalent to those that has a loving family to take care of.
Besides from sufficient food and medical support, we are determined to offer them our best loving care to heal their wounds of the past.  Our ultimate goal is to take care of those that may never has the opportunity to find a new home that they will not feel left out.  They will enjoy their days loaded with lots of love and happiness within our big family.
You can also enjoy the feeling for reaching your hands out to rescue them, bring them a light a hope, provide love to them again by joining our hands and support our mission.
On behalf of all homeless animals, we would like to thank you in advance for your generosity and support.
Thank you!
Hong Kong Animal Adoption Centre – Founder
Chan Tung-Yiu Samantha
Phone: 8203 3070
Fax: 8203 3069
150 Wo Ping Sun Tsuen, Tuen Mun, N.T, Hong Kong